Medium and the Demise
of the Backend.

April 4, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Blogging and CMS platforms are getting easier to use but yet they still require at least a certain degree of backend operation. With Medium, the latest venture of online publishing’s jacks of all trades Ev Williams and Biz Stone, the idea of a backend appears to be outmoded.

In October 2012, Ev Williams and Biz Stone two of the most influential people in online publishing, introduced their latest venture: Medium. They co-founded platforms such as Blogger, Twitter and Branch but it seems as if they still have quite a few good ideas on how to stir up the online publishing game.

Medium has received a lot of praise and it has been extensively reviewed. The most striking feature is the simplicity around the editing of new articles and the no-frills but dead on target design.

Now that I have used the free service for a few weeks, I can’t really understand why we need all this clutter on platforms such as Word Press. Don’t get me wrong– I love Word Press and its cornucopia of features. But now that I see a glimpse of Medium’s vision in action I want to have the same clean and direct screen design everywhere I write. It makes writing just so much more enjoyable.

It is really cool to see people push the boundaries, come up with new ideas and re-design an area that is pretty much conventionalized. I mean for how many years have we been using the same old input forms for CMS and blogging software, just as the one I am drafting this post in.

If I had one free wish with the Medium team, it would be to open up Medium’s wonderful editor for other publishing platforms as well. It means a lot to me that I can host my own blog, being independent from a private party that hosts my content somewhere.