The Beauty of Swedish Bike Ornaments.

March 22, 2013 - 1 minute read

Ever since I was an exchange student in Malmö, Sweden, I got a crush on those beautifully rendered chain protectors on vintage Swedish bikes.

These pictures have been sitting on my harddisk and even on analog photo prints for quite a while. Vintage Swedish bikes cruising through the country‘s major cities are equipped with unusual chain-protectors: cut-out ornaments. They appear to be something special for the Northern region- as I have never seen these on German bikes or anywhere else.

When I asked a Swedish friend of mine, what these bike ornaments are all about he couldn’t tell me right away why the bike manufacturers used to make them. Of course they weren’t even special to him. His guess was that Sweden has a grand history of steel and metalworks, so maybe it was one way to show of their craft skills. Anyway, these bike ornaments look pretty nice. Happy weekend!







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